• Why Won't Your Brake Light Go Off?

    If your car's brake light won't go off, even after you refill the stopgap with fluid, you may not know what to do about the situation. The brake indicator light comes on when the brake fluid levels become too low, or when you leave the emergency parking brake on. If the light doesn't go off after you replenish your brake fluid or release the parking brake, you may need to replace the brake sensors.
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  • Using An Auto Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit And Its Advantages

    Deciding to convert your brakes to disc brakes with an auto front disc brake conversion kit can offer you many benefits. Read on to learn about some advantages that people who make use of an auto front disc brake conversion kit get to enjoy:  Enjoy faster and more reliable stopping When you make the switch to the disc brakes, you will likely notice that the stopping power your car has is improved.
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