Consider Used Auto Parts For Your Car Or Truck

Posted on: 29 December 2022

When you need replacement parts for repairs on your car or truck, the auto parts store is often the first place people go. However, there are other resources, including used car parts that you can buy from auto salvage yards, that work well and are priced lower than new parts. 

Used Auto Parts

Cars and other vehicles that have been involved in an accident or are old and discarded often still have good parts on them that can be removed and reused if you are willing to take the time to evaluate the condition of the auto parts. Automotive salvage yards sell the used parts from these vehicles, and when there is nothing left, they crush the shell and sell the metal as scrap steel. 

The parts still in good shape are often sold well below retail value, so used car parts can be an excellent way to save money and stretch your repair budget. If the parts work correctly, and you are willing to change the auto parts yourself, the repair costs could be a fraction of what you pay a repair shop or even what you pay for new car parts from the dealer or auto parts store. 

Pick Your Yard

There are several different used car parts business models used in the industry. One type of yard strips the used auto parts and inventories them and then sells them over the counter. The other type allows buyers to go into the yard to find the parts and bring them back to the office or cashier to purchase them. 

The self-service yards allow you to search for the best part you can find, and the price of the parts is often lower because they are not paying an employee to strip the car. However, if you do not have time or are not comfortable removing parts, you may want to find a yard that removes the auto parts for you. 

It is crucial to check with the salvage yard about any warranty they offer on used car parts when buying used car parts. Most yards will replace a part if you get one that is not functional, and others will test the parts before they leave the yard in an effort to ensure you get parts that are working.

Common Used Parts

In the used car parts industry, starter motors, alternators, engines, and transmissions are all commonly available. Some salvage yards will not sell electronics from vehicles because they are hard to guarantee, but most parts are up for grabs if they are still on the car. 

The local salvage yard can tell you how they run their business and if you are allowed to come into the yard and search the vehicles there for parts you can use for your project, rebuild, or repair needs. 

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