Time To Junk Your Car? Key Considerations

Posted on: 2 September 2018

If your old car is in bad shape and more trouble than it's worth, it could be time to sell it for parts -- this is also known as junking it. This isn't necessarily a great option, but in some cases it might be your best choice. Here are several key points to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in this situation.

No Buyers

If the car is operable then your best option is to sell it to someone who needs a cheap automobile for transportation, if possible. When you are unable to find a buyer for a car that runs, this can tell you a lot about how to proceed. In these circumstances, your next best option is usually to sell the car for parts or to a scrap dealer.


In some cases, you can get more cash for your vehicle by removing certain parts yourself and selling them individually before selling the car to a junkyard. For instance, one component of a junk car that is easy to overlook are the airbags; people who need to replace their airbags often buy unused airbags off of scrap vehicles. Selling the airbags on your own will increase your overall profits.

Other components you can remove from the vehicle and sell include the catalytic converters, bumpers, and doors. Your wheels are also a potential source of cash, as are tailgates if you have a truck.

If you are not good with tools, or simply don't want to take the time to remove any parts, another option is to let the buyer purchase the part and remove it themselves.


Before selling the car to a scrap dealer or junkyard, it's important to make the necessary preparations. Make certain that you take all of your belongings and possessions out of the car, and you should have your car title ready to hand over to the buyer. Even if they do not ask for the title, give it to them so that there is no question about the ownership transfer.

Check the laws of your state before selling. In some states you are required to turn in the license plate to the proper authorities. Additionally, do not forget to call your insurance agent and cancel the policy on the car.

Selling a car for scrap is not any vehicle owner's first choice, but sometimes it's the only reasonable course of action. For more information about getting money for junk cars, as well as what kind of prices you can expect when selling your car, call an auto scrapyard in your area.