Sourcing Auto Parts For An Old Car You Want To Fix Up

Posted on: 4 September 2018

Fixing up an old car can be a fun hobby and a way to get an inexpensive extra car for the family. You'll probably need to source spare parts to do the job, so knowing where to find auto parts will help. Here are a few things to know about finding parts for older cars.

Exotic Car Parts May Be Hard To Find

If you haven't bought the car you want to fix up yet, then the first thing to consider is how easy it will be to find parts. You might love the look of an old sports car or a foreign car, but finding the right parts might be next to impossible if the car is old. Instead, look around at common auto parts that cars need routinely to see if the model of car you're thinking of buying has parts you can find new or used easily and affordably.

Buying From A Salvage Yard Might Save Money

When you decide to fix up an old car, you should become acquainted with your local salvage yard. These places often buy old cars for cash so they can recycle the metal and then sell parts for profit. You never know what you'll find at a salvage yard, so it's worth a look when you need a part. You might find a piece for the engine, a window crank, or some other part of the car.

You might have to remove it from the car yourself, which could add to the fun of obtaining the part if you like to work on cars. Some yards keep an inventory of the parts and remove them for you. In that case, you can often call ahead to find out if they have what you need. The advantage to getting auto parts from a salvage yard is that you can get original parts at a more affordable price.

Be Sure You Know Exactly What You Need

You may need to know more than the model and year of your car when you need to shop for an auto part. Look at the old part first to see if it has identifying numbers that you can match to a new part. Having the precise information can save time too since you can search online or call over the phone to ask about the part you're looking for.

Consider Joining A Car Club

If you've decided you want to fix up a classic car, then finding the right parts could be a lot more difficult. You might have luck by networking with other classic car lovers in a car club. You can find leads on classic parts dealers and some dealers may even attend the car shows so you get to know them and can ask about their inventory.

Working on an old car on your weekends off can be a relaxing hobby as long as you don't have difficulty finding the parts you need. Fortunately, if you're planning to fix up an older car to use as a daily driver for the family, finding parts should be fairly easy. If you're going to work on an exotic car that has parts hard to find, then just consider the hunt as part of the process and have patience until you can find the rare part you need.