Dashing Through The Snow? Spare Parts To Have In Your Trunk When You're Taking A Winter Road Trip

Posted on: 11 September 2018

If you're going to be doing a lot of traveling this winter, it's time to get your car prepared for the adventure. The first thing you need to do is get an oil change on your car. You'll need to change to a winter-grade oil so that your engine doesn't get all gummed up when your summer-grade oil thickens up on you. The next thing you'll need to do is stop by the tire shop and have winter snow tires installed on your car. Finally, you'll need to make sure that you've got some essential parts and tools in your trunk. That way, you're prepared for those winter emergencies.

Windshield Wipers

When it comes to traveling during the winter, you've got to make sure that you keep a spare pair of windshield wipers in the trunk of your car. Winter can really wreak havoc on your windshield wipers. The last thing you want is to have your windshield wipers wear out while you're on the road and not be able to see where you're going. Keeping a spare pair of wiper blades in your car will ensure that you can replace them immediately. This really comes in handy when you head outside in the morning only to find that your windshield wipers froze to the windshield overnight.

Spare Lug Nuts

If you're going to be traveling in snowy or muddy conditions, it's crucial that you stop by the parts store and purchase a set of spare lug nuts. Those small lug nuts can be nearly impossible to find in a puddle of mud or a pile of snow. The last thing you want is to be stuck outside in the freezing temperatures while you try to find the lug nuts you lost while changing your tire on the side of the road. Avoid that risk by carrying at least one set of spare lug nuts in your trunk. Make sure they're the right size though.


When you're traveling during the winter, you never know when you're going to run low on antifreeze. Unfortunately, your car won't go anywhere if you run out of antifreeze. That's why it's important that you always carry a spare container of antifreeze in your trunk. While you're at it, make sure you also carry a spare container of windshield cleaner with deicer. That way, you can refill your windshield cleaner reservoir quickly if you run out while you're traveling.


Finally, if you're going to be traveling during the winter, you need to carry a bag of sand in the trunk. Not only will the extra weight give you more traction on icy roads, but it will also help you get out of slippery situations. This is particularly beneficial if you're stuck in an icy parking lot. Simply sprinkle sand on the ground around your tires. The sand will provide enough traction for you to get started so you can get out of the parking lot without sliding all over.

For more information, contact your local auto parts store.