3 Helpful Tips When Choosing New Brake Pads For A Commercial Truck

Posted on: 10 April 2019

If you use a commercial truck for work, then it's important to keep an eye on the brake pads. If they've worn down to the point where you hear a lot of screeching every time you go to brake, you'll need a new set. Buying commercial truck parts won't be that difficult if you remember these tips.

Inspect Current Pads First

Before you do end up buying new brake pads for your truck's brakes, it's a good idea to test the current ones out. This way, you can make sure this pad replacement is warranted. There are several signs that indicate your commercial truck needs new brake pads.

As mentioned earlier, a squeaking noise when you brake is a good indicator that the pads have worn down too much. A vibrating foot pedal also could mean the pads are not thick enough. You should also perform a visual inspection of the current pads. If they're extremely thin, it's time to find a replacement.

Decide On an Appropriate Material

Brake pads have evolved a lot in the last few years. Now, you have several different materials to choose from. These include organic, semi-metallic, fully-metallic, and ceramic. Organic brake pads are pretty affordable, but they don't provide exceptional braking performance when the pulling of trailers is involved.

Semi-metallic pads have softer materials incorporated in them, which leads to better braking performance compared to organic pads. Fully-metallic pads provide exceptional braking efficiency, but this material is one of the costlier options. Finally, ceramic pads offer the longest life and the best braking performance.

Go With a Trusted Brand

Brand means everything when it comes to brake pads for commercial trucks. How do you know what a good brand is, though? Well, it really depends on several factors. For example, if a brake pad brand has been in business for a long time, you can assume they put out good products. Otherwise, they wouldn't have made it in the industry for very long.

Trusted brake pad brands are also ones that have a lot of positive reviews. Conversely, if a particular brand is negatively received by motorists like yourself, it's probably a good idea to avoid their brake pad products.

The brake pads are such an integral component on your commercial truck. If you suspect they need to be replaced and you confirm this, take your time selecting a new set. This will be easy as long as you pay attention to quality and specs like material composition.