How to Find a Used Battery in Good Condition for Your Vehicle

Posted on: 12 October 2020

If you need a new battery for your car or truck but are on a tight budget, you may want to consider good used batteries as an option. Used batteries are not difficult to find. If you know what to look for, you can get one that will last a long time for a significantly lower cost then buying a new battery.

1. Visual Inspection

When looking for used batteries for your car, take some time and look over the batteries for signs of damage or misuse. Check around the battery post for cracks or damage that may indicate the posts have been overstressed or pulled on. This stress can cause damage inside the battery, so if the post seems out of place or there is damage to the plastic, it is a good idea to skip that battery.  

It is also essential to check the seams along the bottom, sides, and top of the battery to ensure there are no cracks in the case. If there is any damage to the case, move on. A battery with cracks in the case will leak battery acid and can damage other components near it. 

2. Charging Status

It is critical that the used batteries you are considering will hold a charge, and if the batteries are not charged when you are looking at them, that could be a sign that the battery is not holding a charge. Ask the seller when the last time the battery was charged so you can determine if it is losing a charge quickly or if the battery has been sitting for a long time. 

In most situations, a battery that will not stay charged when it is out of the car probably is not in great condition and is not a good purchase. There is no way to tell how long the battery will last if you do buy it or if it'll die while your car is parked and leave you stranded. It's best to go for a product that comes with a warranty. 

3. Load Tested Batteries

Some sellers dealing in used batteries will test the batteries before they sell them. If you can find a seller that load tests the used batteries and will make the test available to you, you can get a better picture of the battery's health. The load test will simulate starting the car under normal conditions and under stress like in the cold and then indicate the battery's health. This test can be the best way to find a battery that will work for your vehicle and in the conditions, you need it to.