Seven Tactics For Making More Money When You Sell A Junk Car

Posted on: 9 November 2021

Your junk car can earn you a decent amount of money if you know how to sell it effectively. The following are seven tactics for making more money when you sell a junk car.

Be aware of what components of your vehicle are still functioning properly

The better the mechanical condition of your junk car, the more it should be worth when you sell it. Those who buy junk cars generally want to break up the vehicle and sell or use individual parts. If parts are still working, they add to the value of the car. That's why you should know what's working in your vehicle so that you can tell potential buyers and use working parts as selling points.

Be aware of which components of your vehicle are the most valuable

Some of the most valuable parts of a junk car include the catalytic converter and the air bags. You should find out which of the parts of your vehicle that are still working are particularly valuable. This will help you to negotiate a higher price with the buyer.

Call around and get offers from numerous buyers

You'll definitely get less for your junk car if you only discuss selling it with one buyer. Some buyers will offer more than others. Even if a prospective buyer tells you no one will pay more than their offer, you should still do your own research and call other prospective buyers to see if you can get a better price.

Put some time and effort into making photos look good

When you advertise your junk car, you should post your advertisement with good pictures. Put effort into making your pictures look good. Don't photograph your junk car in an environment with a lot of junk and disarray surrounding it.

Those who buy junk cars might be wanting to sell components of the vehicle body, so appearances are important. Give your car's exterior a good cleaning and place it in appealing and orderly surroundings to improve the appearance of pictures of it that you post. 

Be detailed in advertisement descriptions

Another thing that can help you make more for your junk car when it comes to posting advertisements is including as much detail as possible. Some buyers may be looking for specific items or for mechanical components from a specific vehicle make and model. Including details can help you appeal more to certain buyers and therefore get more money for your junk car. 

Invest in having some minor issues repaired before selling

It could be worthwhile to have a few components repaired before you sell your junk vehicle to get a little more when you sell. Paying for inexpensive repairs could be a good investment if it earns you a few hundred dollars more when you sell. 

Have a goal in mind

It's a good idea to do your research on your junk car value and then set a goal for how much you want to get for your car. If you don't reach your goal with a particular buyer, then you should be prepared to walk away.

Setting a goal and being intent on reaching it is one of the best ways to maximize the amount that you are paid for your junk vehicle. 

For more information on cash for cars reach out to an auto parts expert in your area.